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Presenting the Chaos, the new Cabrinha freestyle kite for 2013! By Anders Kruger

Stance Aug-Sept

Check out my 8 pages article on Stance Italy from my trip to Mexico with Toby Bromwich! ciao Alby




3rd Pkra Fuerteventura”>Ciao! The 6th event of the Pkra World Tour is over and I’m really stoked to be back on the podium after 2 events! After a 6th place in Venezuela and an event to forget in Germany I was looking forward to ride solid again and make it to the …

Stance France Aug

Trick Tips from the Pros nr 7

Ciao! after winning a cards game with Gigi and Riki, today I’ll show you guys how to do a 315! Enjoy! Filmed by Toby Bromwich thanks to Cabrinha! ciao Alby

Germany to forget..

Ciao Everybody! I’m still alive Definitely time to give you guys an update! Well, Germany was one of me worst events in a long time…loosing at the first round its not fun…but yah, I guess it can happen sometimes. Loosing for 0.1 its not fun either…but yah, better to take …

Kitesurf UK July

->Check out the last issue of Kitesurf UK, featuring my Front 2 Blind sequence from Mexico, shot by Toby Bromwich, thanks to¬†Cabrinha¬†and thanks to Alex for running it! ciao! Alby