Trick Tips from the Pro’s #6

Ciao! we are at video nr 6 and this time check out how to do a RoastBeef S-Mobe! Shot in Uruau’, Brazil by Toby Bromwich thanks to Cabrinha!  ciao! In this Trick tip from pro rider Alby Rondina we learn how to do an S-Mobe!

Living the Dream

p>If you havent seen it yet, check out my new video, Living the dream! Thanks to everyone who contributed to its production and in particular Jean-Marc Calì, Toby Bromwich, Luke and Achille Matassoni! As well as showing us some of his favourite tricks, Alberto Rondina ProKitesurfer of the Cabrinha Team, …

Trick Tips from the Pro’s #5

Ciao! this time check out how to do a MobyDick off a kicker! Shot by Toby Bromwich in Uruau’. Thanks to Cabrinha. Enjoy! ciao Alby

Video Profile Pkra

Ciao! If you havent seen it yet, check out my Video Profile together with Seb Garat from the PKRA in Mexico! Props to Jeremie from Seventh Frame! ciao! Alby

2nd PKRA Holland!

ttp://”>Ciao! the event here in Holland ended up this afternoon and I’m stoked on my 2nd place again!! Unfortunately we had wind only a couple days in a week and could only finish the single elimination…but yah was a great event! O’neill did a great job and we had some …

Trick Tips from the Pro’s #4

Check out the latest Trick tips from the Pro’s clip on how to do a Kiteloop 540! Shot in Uruau’, by Toby Bromwich, thanks to Cabrinha! Enjoy! ciao! Alby

Pkra Mexico

tp://”> Ciao! So after Leucate I had a few days at home before leaving to Mexico! I got invited to the Pkra Mexico event and even if it wasn’t a valid freestyle event for the ranking I was happy to join, see a new place and train in different conditions! …

Mauritius Kite Jam

What a great event!!I was invited to the Mauritius Kite Jam back a couple months ago and I was really looking forward to go there! Cabrinha Russia and organized this event for its 2nd year already in the beautiful beach of Le Morne, in Mauritius! Its basically a 10days …

Alby Kite Camp

Ciao! everything went on smothly and a week of Camp passed by really fast! The guys were great, they never gave up during the whole week, even if a ankle was hurting or an arm…and they stoked about their new tricks! We had wind everyday from sun dawn to sunset…Uruau’ …

4th Pkra Kite Masters, Tenerife

Ciao, straight after Fuerte, I came here to El Medano, the main windsurf and kite spot in the island of Tenerife. Tenerife is a pretty cool island, cause it has pretty much everything: it has a massive volcano, with snow in the winter, it has forests, deserts, rivers, black rocks …