Chill time in Riccione

href=””>I havent been at home for a whole week in so long…almost feels strange! Nice to see all my friends again and the first summer winds arriving in Riccione. Spring is pretty late this year tho, still pretty rainy and cloudy here…at least its not too cold tho! Next week …


->Ciao! things sometimes just go wrong..and thats just what happen to me in Morocco. I’ve never really got in feeling with this place, maybe the food, or the water…u knows! In the singles i messed it up, mixing last year judging with this new new scoring system. I thought about …

14th November

14th of November is here again! Last year in the Philippines and this year in China, I’m turning 23! Sorry if I dont replay on facebook…there’s just no way to make it work over here!Only thing that works are emails! Today the sea is so glassy that it looks like …

Pictures from China

Another pretty good day of riding, solid 11m weather and kickers going out! We went to the opening ceremony dinner tonight, in a super fancy hotel, was good fun and pretty good food too! Tomorrow is planned to be a whole day of “opening ceremony”…so much celebrating, i kinda like …

PKRA Hainan

Everybody was curious to see the beach here in Hainan, China. so check it out! You can see the city in the background..we are right downwind of the harbour. ha We basically understood that if its sunny, there’s not much wind, like yesterday. But today we woke up with this! …

Having Fun

>Ciao! I had a few clips from this winter I didn’t used so decided to put them together in a little edit! check it out! Thanks to Toby Bromwich,Luke Whiteside,Anders Kruger and William Milne for filming!

From Maui to Germany!

The last 2 weeks in Maui has been good, we had some solid Waiehu days, with very strong East wind and also the first little N swell, with good kickers all over the North Shore! It always sad to leave Maui…its such a good place, there’s always such a good …


Presenting the Chaos, the new Cabrinha freestyle kite for 2013! By Anders Kruger

Trick Tips from the Pros nr 7

Ciao! after winning a cards game with Gigi and Riki, today I’ll show you guys how to do a 315! Enjoy! Filmed by Toby Bromwich thanks to Cabrinha! ciao Alby

Trick Tips from the Pros nr6

Ciao! check out how to do a Crowmobe, one of my favorite tricks! Shot by Toby Bromwich, in Uruau’, thanks to Cabrinha! ciao Alby