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Germany to forget..

Ciao Everybody!

I’m still alive ;) Definitely time to give you guys an update!

Well, Germany was one of me worst events in a long time…loosing at the first round its not fun…but yah, I guess it can happen sometimes. Loosing for 0.1 its not fun either…but yah, better to take it easy and think of the next one!

I went home earlier and I had a great time at home, met all my family and friends again, even kited for 2 days and enjoyed the proper summer weather!

I just got some new boards with ’13 graphics and I’m soooo stoked on how the board came out. Stay tuned for the Cabrinha official launch on August 1st, and I hope you can have a look and try my board soon!!

I’m back in GC, Vargas is the spot to be right now, the wind is cranking every day..which is good cause the next stop will be Fuerte = 5m weather!

Take it easy!

ciao ;)



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