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6th Pkra Venezuela

n–>   Ciao! After a good week of training in Uruau’, Brazil I took off on the way to Venezuela for the next Pkra event! Got to the airport and my booking wasn’t confirmed so had to pay extras and extras, sleep a night in Caracas and finally arriving in Adicora 2 days later! ha ha it wasn’t really the best start!   I’ve been to El Yaque a long time a go, but never to Caracas or the mainland. so yah arriving at the airport late night, I changed some Euros legally…and only later I realized I got worked! the black market change is more then double then the official change!! Its pretty crazy to have soooo much difference from the official rate…oh well, so you guys know If you go there one day! Adicora definitely impressed me! It looked like the smallest fishing village on the beach during the week, but for the weekend it got super packed with people from the closest cities that come down to enjoy the beach! The wind has been non stop from sunrise to sunset and apparently its like that from December all the way until June. The water is pretty shallow and really hot with little kickers all along the coast! The comp started and I had a good first heat with a local guy from Adicora. 2nd heat of the single I was against Kevin Langeree from Holland! I had a solid heat, only crashed once, landing regular and switch backmobes, Grab S-mobe5, FrontblindMobe even landed my first ever G-spot in competition (which is a toeside backmobe) and rode with lots of power but the judges, not all of them, they gave more points to basic and high stuff Kevin did…which is the opposite of what we, the riders, vote for the Pkra rules….loosing for 0.1 points made me really pissed and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was like, Alby stay positive..don’t get angry! :) So the next day we started the doubles, I was against Marc Jacobs, who got 3rd overall last year…I was stoked to have a solid heat and advance! Everything was allright until the first trick in my heat with Sam Light. I didn’t land my S-mobe and my strap broke so the board hit my knee …the water was quite shallow too, so hit the bottom with my back too! Sam was riding solid…I changed board but I could’t came back! Its a pity cause I really like the conditions, i liked the little kickers and the warm weather…but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes! I’m back at my 2nd home now, Uruau’…before going back to Europe for the next stop in German


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